Running for their lives

Dublin should have marathons more often!

It's not just that there's a great buzz about the city with all the 1000's of people taking to the streets; loads of the city centre has been closed to traffic and it feels strange and great being able to wander about the middle of the roads and look at the buildings from a new angle. Loving it! I'm sorry now I didn't train to take part but I kind of got caught up in Bepe's excitement. He went off this morning all kitted out and I told him I'd make soup this evening. (note to self: either learn how to make soup or preopen and dispose of cans so that I can at least pretend to have made soup.

Bizarrely, when I was out earlier, I saw George, from the National Library. I darted off in case he recognised me. I can't believe I left him a note that time. I don't know what I saw in him! Plus, he had a large spot on his nose. Too many health drinks training for the marathon, perhaps. Pah.

Hallow'een is closing in fast! Can't wait. As well as the party, some of the bars are having "best costume" competitions which might be fun. I seriously can't afford to buy something so if anyone's got any ideas for something home made and impressive (and cheap) please let me know!


Dublin Marathon is a great Dublin institution at this stage. I saw a guy on the TV who had run in all 30 Dublin Marathons!

He must have been well into his 60s but there wasn't a bother on him!

I am planning to run it next year. I have 2 friends who did it this year. So I am emboldened!


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