feeling a bit blue

Although work is going well at college, I'm feeling a bit lonely right now. Saoirse (not her real name), of all people, is the one friend I feel closest to. Now she's hooked up with this guy. He's nice, I guess. He's a science postgrad. He's from Korea. He's pretty clean cut. Too clean cut for me. I mean, he's nice and all but his socks match his sweaters. Know what I mean? Anyway, the point is that while Saoirse and her new boyfriend are off looking into each others' eyes or doing what comes naturally or whatever it they do do my main friend for going out is away. I totally understand that obviously she wants to hang out with her boyfriend but seriously...

Of course I know other people from college but I didn't seem to click with them as well. Then I go home and Bepe, who I have to say is a good flat mate, is either working evenings cause he's a chef or out with HIS girlfriend. And then the only realy new friend I've gotten to know in the last little while is a single Dad and his time is pretty tight too.

Sigh. It's not like I've loads of free time because, despite appearances, I am actually working really really hard right now. Plus, I am only going out to things that are either free or cheap because I've got to save for Xmas. I rang Dublin Tourism to see if they were going to keep running the blog on their site and the lady said yes, for the time being, and that there'd be some free tickets to something soon and she'd try to organise some "recompense" for the Xmas season so I've got that to look forward to.

Meanwhile, I just feel a little gloomy. Maybe it's partly the critical eye I'm casting over The Fall of the House of Ussher, but I don't know...

I think maybe I should go out on my own a bit more. But where? Bars are really out because it's just lame and pathetic to sit and drink on your own, the cinema is OK but it doesn't really do anything for the "I'm spending too much time on my own" issue.

Anyway, I'll be back soon. Hopefully in a better mood.


know what you mean - moved to Dublin a few months ago and felt EXACTLY like this last night! comes and goes...!


Hi Elly,

I love Dublin, I have to say. But I'm just having an off day. Time of the month, perhaps? Ha!

I'm back at the apartment now and the good news is that my flatmate's girlfriend is not coming around today so I think after all we might go to the cinema or something. If you've any tips for good places to go when you feel like going out but you're on your own I'd love to hear them!


I like wondering about bookstores and open galeries when I'm on my own..Or sit at the coffie shop with my laptop or a book-it's ok to be alone. I didn't like going anywhere alone but you can't keep waiting for someone cos you'll just end up sitting at home all the time.. I've learned that the hard way! Go out & have fun :-)


Hi towniegirl,

I hope you are feeling more yourself soon. Elly is right - the feelings come and go.

Your blog is great- I check in every day to see what's new. Because of your blog, my friends and I have great ideas of what to see & do in Dublin when we return. I have bookmarked the links to Dublin accommodation because we are looking for an extended stay in an apartment (or townhouse). Cheers and greetings from Canada!


Great blog, have just spent the last day reading it while procrastinating over paperwork... keep up the good work!


Thanks, guys! It's sunny today and I am feeling a lot better. Joanne, drop me a line before your trip and maybe I can give you some advice about where to stay. I've gotten to know the city pretty well in the last few months. There are some areas that are really nice but maybe a bit noisy at night so I could give you a few tips on where to look maybe.


Hi towniegirl,
just found your blog and it's great! Besides, I've always wanted to visit Newfoundland since I read The shipping news :-)
If you want to meet some nice people check out the groups at meetup.com, there's a lot going on in Dublin. I made a lot of new friends through that myself


Thanks, Anonymous. You should definitely go to Newfoundland, it's beautiful! Drop me a line if you do buy a ticket and I'll send you some tips about good places to visit.


I've checked out meetup.com as well and there's some interesting stuff on there. sometimes a bit scary going on your own though!

good thing is there's always something going on in dublin, exhibitions, markets, fairs, to take your mind off things.

glad you're feeling chirpier - me too!


What you need is a dose of B.N.L. that great Canadian band. I feel that live music is key to a good healthy life here in Dublin.That crowd @ visit Dublin should have you on a guest list for at least 2 to 3 events a week, I've a nephew doing Applied Materials Science where you are he would be delighted to escort you as a friend!


Hey. Just found your blog via the tourist site... Hope you're feeling more adjusted now :)


Hi Robert -- the Bare Naked Ladies? My sister is a HUGE fan. I don't know if they've ever played Dublin though. Tell your nephew to check out the Mezz in Temple Bar. Music's cool and more to the point it's free.


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