Winter is a-coming in

In Ireland, they don't really have proper winters.
Not like we do back home in Newfoundland. But today the weather is doing a convincing impression. Personally, I don't care. I got my flannel peejays and I've a raincoat so I'm good to go. Plus, there's the wonderful consolation of knowing that with lower temperatures, wind and rain comes the just compensation of my latest favourite tipple, another Dublin staple (and something you can really only have ONE of: HOT PORT AND BRANDY!! Wow! What a delight. It's the same as hot whiskey -- whiskey topped up with boiling water, with a lemon slice, cloves and sugar, except, obviously, with port and brandy. Amazing. Well, but you can imagine why one is enough, for the liver as well as the wallet.

Studying is actually going really very well this week so I am feeling extremely virtuous. Also, because it's suddenly gotten chilly, I've been spending more time in college in general. I know more people now so there's always someone to talk to between bouts at the library and Trinity's Buttery canteen is great when you're watching expenses.

This week I found out (I'm a bit ashamed it took this long) that there's a Science Gallery that's actually in TCD. It's not that big, and it's free, so today I went at lunch time. The show they have on at the moment was hilarious. I particularly loved the big photo of the foot growing teeth. There was something very ickish about that that reminded me of some of the 19th century fiction I have to read. But the fish in the acquarium that was also a mini-garden looked very sad, I thought (Note to self: don't anthropomorphise fish. You love fish and chips)

When Mom and Dad first told me that they were coming to visit for Christmas, I was disappointed I wouldn't be getting home to see my peeps, but now I'm really OK about it. Plus, it no longer seems all that far away. They will be here in...what? About six weeks. Although we're descended from Irish fishermen, they've never been here before and I want it all to be perfect. So while I'm not usually one for forward planning, I would welcome some suggestions!


Can you drive? Theres some nice views of Dublin from Wicklow mountains. If not, how about the dart to Killiney or Bray? The coast is beautiful. So is Howth. In Dublin just bring them to some proper irish bars (not temple bar) maybe a trad gig or classical in the NCH or the theater? It will most likely be cold wet and windy, most of us will be staying warm in the pubs!


Thanks for that. I do drive, but I don't have an international license, which apparently I would need to drive in Ireland. Thanks though -- I must remind the folks to make sure that at least one of them does, because I think they'll be hoping to take a few trips out of the city. I love the Wicklow mountains too!


If you can, go to Newbridge, to see the National Stud, Japanese Gardens etc if they are still open. Newbridge is only 40 mins from Dublin and beautiful!!!!


Thanks, Petra. Would we need a car to go there or do you know if there are public transport options? I looked up the National Stud and saw it's out in the middle of the countryside.


There is a train that stops there ( I think it's the Kildare station). I think the National Stud etc does provide transport too...


Cheers, Petra, will look into it! I'm hoping my folks will rent a car which would make everything soo much easier :-)


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