the end of a perfect...

Mom and Dad's holiday is nearly over. Apart from some tenseness about the whole your-boyfriend-is-a-father issue, it's been good. It's too bad in a way that they haven't gotten to see the rest of the country but they are thinking, if their finances hold up, they might come back while I am still here.

And that introduces a scary thought. How long am I going to be here? The plan was always to stay for a year and a half but now, with 2010 about to start, I'm feeling pretty settled in and good about being in Dublin, and I have absolutely no plan for the next stage.

[Buries head in sand and resolves to think about it later].

Today I'm planning to take the folks to the Museum of Modern Art which is a place that I love because it's in a cool building, it's free and there are beautiful grounds all around -- although I don't think the weather today is really for strolling. And then we've all been invited out to Saoirse's families places for dinner in a local pub in Killiney. There's definitely a winding-down feel about our days now, and Mom has already packed one of her cases and bought yet another case to fit her thousands of purchases into. And while it's been great...well, I wouldn't say I'm exactly sorry it's nearly over. I must be growing up at last; time to get on with my own life!

Plus, I've gained about 4 kilos!!! Let the great diet commence. I might even look for a cheap gym or at least check out the college facilities.


You are definitely growing up, you get to a stage where your folks become hard work. How was the Green line, did you go?


Heh don't think about leaving Dublin - the blogs are too good! Love to link them with my humble site if that's not complicated.
Cheers Brian.


I live in Ontario and have family in Louth .. Have gone back "home" for the last three years. Would love to move there with my husband and six kids but it is not to be. Just finished my Master's degree here in Canada. Love your blog.. I can vicariously study and travel the way the young woman in me would have liked to .. Thanks for sharing. Live life to the fullest. Happy 2010.


Hi Brian. I had a look at you site -- love the photos. Would be psyched to have a link on there :-)


Hi Rose -- Yup the Green Line was a fantastic idea and I'll do it again -- so thanks!! I might even do it this weekend to see the snow. I miss the snow from home and even this little amount is good to see.


You could send your Uncle on the Luas line pub crawl especially if he loves the pub life.


Heh again,
You must have the best sense of humor or be the most humble person in Dublin.
You just happen to be writting the best blog on the biggest website in Ireland!!!
Fan forever.


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