A happy new year from Dublin! Yeah!

The forecast is for snow, and more snow. And while I know that that's a pain in the ass for a lot of people, this Newfoundlander's heart is glad because there's nothing more beautiful than snow -- at least during the falling-from-the-sky part. I hope it won't interfere with my folks' flight plans tomorrow but apart from that, I'm treasuring my own tiny patch of snow on the minuscule balcony that Bepe and I call the great outdoors. He's due back tomorrow, and he's in for a nice surprise because my Mom has left a bunch of gifts to say thanks for letting them use his room.

Like most people, I've started a diet. The good news is, the less money I spend on food and drink, the more I have to spend on Cultural Pursuits. That's my resolution this year: go to the theatre more often. I've picked up a brochure from The Project Arts Centre and am thinking I might look into the whole modern dance scene maybe -- it's not something I know anything about and while I doubt I'll ever do any, I'm prepared to be blown away by someone else doing it.

Also, my uncle Joey is coming over soon so I really will have to detox before his visit because despite being 50-odd he's a party animal and will want to be taken around all the pubs.

I love Uncle Joey, honestly, but right now, after having eaten and drunk too much for the last couple of weeks, what I want more than anything is for something to offer to take him off my hands a little!! I'll see if Bepe feels up to the challenge.

XXX all best wishes for 2010!


Happy New Year!

My wife and I were boring and stayed in on New Years Eve, but at about midnight we looked outside and the whole city was suddenly covered in a blanket of snow! It must have been snowing while we were watching Jools Holland on TV!

It doesn't snow much in Dublin, but when it does, it really does look beautiful!



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