Getting excited!

I'm getting really very psyched about the upcoming traditional music festival in Temple Bar this weekend. My friend Saoirse was laughing at me about it. Everyone's a critic. But really. Dubliners don't realise how lucky they are. It's January. It would be so easy to just sit back and wait until Spring but no: a festival featuring lots of OUTDOORS events as well as indoors ones. There's a parade. My Boyfriend is taking his little daughter along. Apparently her Mom has said "no girlfriends allowed" so I won't be meeting him until later, when she's gona back home. But I will still see the parade. And I'll go listen to all the jigs and reels. I really wish I was more musical. This girl seriously can't carry a tune. I've been saving really hard so's to have enough money to got out all weekend long: so much so that I can now conclude I've put away more than enough and can actually afford to go out for breakfast, which I'm gonna do now. I've been in college for an hour and a half and it's chilly so a big cooked breakfast is what I have in mind. I've texted my buddy and she's going to meet me at Cornucopia, which is one of my new favourites on the grounds that as it's all super-healthy and vegetarian, I can basically eat as much as I like and it doesn't count. Right? Agreed?

Still waiting to hear from Uncle Joey. He told me he had "big news" but has remained ominously silent ever since. I'm guessing he's gotten back with his wife. Let's hope so.


What is traditional music in Canada? Bryan Adams?



Peter, are you kidding? Nova Scotia? There are more musicians playing Scottish music there then in Scotland. Quebec? Newfoundland? At least in the Eastern provinces, we have lots of traditional music. In fact, quite a few Irish singers have made covers of traditional Newfoundland songs. So there


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