over and over and over...

I don't think I've ever waited so long for the weekend. It hasn't been a bad week, but it's been one that seemed to go on and on, especially because I've been saving so's to go out as much as possible.

I've got tickets to this. Now sold out! I've heard that they're great. I love the bodhran. There's something really primeval about the sound; it gets into your bones and makes you feel wild and excited. I don't know how long people have been playing bodhrans, but there's something very elemental about them and it's easy to imagine wild-eyed celts beating out rhythms through the millenia!

OK, getting carried away!

That was the only paid event I could really afford, but there seem too be lots of free things on too.

Als, I found out that there will be a festival of Russian culture, music etc. on soon, which sounds like fun. There are quite a few Russian-slash-east-european stores around the city, and I have, ahem, sampled their wares. OK, mostly vodka, beer and wine from Georgia. But still. Doing my bit to support gastronomic diversity in this fair city. And then, after that, the Film Festival. Colin Farrell is going to be there!!!

The funny thing is, I've had so many "wait a minute, is that Colin Farrell?" moments since moving to Dublin. But I don't know whether I've ever actually really seen him. That guy is just so Irish looking. A good example of Irish male pulchritude of course (work of the week) but not an unusual one! In fact, my Boyfriend looks a bit similar, but with longer hair. And more handsome.


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