Making plans, getting cosy...

Now that I'm not a Family Gal any more, there's a lot more time to spend with my Boyfriend. He has his daughter three days a week, but the rest of the time, he's all mine. What's more, I'm going to meet his Mom tomorrow, just casually, as she's hooking up with him at lunch time so that they can go choose a present for his father's birthday in town. Apparently, his Mom is a big shopper, just like mine, and she's a fan of the Kilkenny Design Centre, which is just near Trinity, and also has a restaurant. So we're meeting there. I'm nervous, but it's not like we're engaged or anything so I'm not sure why. We're taking it slow. But we're going out a lot. Like, really a lot. He's excited, because next week one of his favourite local bands is playing, actually in a place that I really like, the Odessa. I think possibly he even knows one of the band members. I've never heard 'em before, because honestly, there just seem to be so many bands in Dublin, but strangely, the longer we spend together, the more I realise how little we actually know about each other. So it will be a welcome opportunity to gain some insight into what makes him tick. He said that they are unusual, prog rock, and that they've been part of the scene for quite a while. Tonight, he's going to play some CD's at my place. The band is called "The Jimmy Cake" which I presume is a traditional Irish dish or something (?).

He's calling around at 7. I couldn't help but notice that Dublin Bus is cancelling the bus service after 8pm tonight, because of all the ice on the roads. And, I have to confess, I haven't actually asked him if he knows that. Because, gee, if the bus service is cancelled, the taxis will be really overworked, or maybe not working at all, and that means that he won't be able to get home, which in turns indicates...ahem...well

Annoyingly, I have the impression that Bepe doesn't like him. Which is fair, because I sure as heck didn't like that girlfriend of his. But it's also awkward, because we're roommates, and his schedule at the restaurant has changed, and he's spending more time at home in the evenings, and I just like it better when people get along.

Anyway. I'm at home now and I'd better tidy this place up a bit or he'll think I'm messy or something...which I am...but he can learn that later. Plus, there's the complicated issue of what to have for dinner tonight. With this chilly weather, surely some delicious fish 'n' chips would be just the thing?


Love the blog, just lost an hour of my life there reading back over old entries


Wow thanks! It's a way for me to keep my feet on the ground.


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