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I'm tired today and would like to be planning an evening in, because I was at a gig last night. I guess it was kind of a date with my Boyfriend but as he's a massive fan of the band, we hardly talked. He was up at the front getting down to the music. And I've gotta say, it was very interesting stuff, not like anything that I'd ever heard before.

The band is "The Jimmy Cake." Check them out. I am always amazed not just by how good the music is in Dublin in general, but by how much of it there is -- and every type too. It's everywhere. I love it. I'm not a musical person myself, but I like to listen and, honestly, you could go out any day of the week. There's an Opera Season starting at the end of the month. Bet you didn't know Dublin had the opera too!

Anyways, as I said, I'm tired. But there aren't going to be any early nights here. No sirree. My Uncle Joey arrived this afternoon and too a taxi to the B&B I booked for him in Phibsboro and although by rights he should be exhausted from his flight, well, this is Uncle Joey we're talking about. He's coming here soon because he wants to see the apartment and then I think it's going to be the pub crawl of all pub crawls as he wanders about town befriending bemused bar staff and inviting them to take him fishing at the weekend. I'm gonna take him to eat at the Brazen Head. That was one of the very first places I went to when I arrived in Dublin, and I think it's a good place to start. Plus, it claims to be Ireland's oldest pub, making it about the same age as the Viking Settlement in Newfoundland. That's gonna impress any North American.

And the beer's not bad either.


Will do, Rose. Though I don't really want him to know I've been talking about him (albeit with a false name) online!!!


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