Honestly, I feel like one of those cartoon characters that has to prop up their eyelids with matchsticks to stay awake. What a weekend. The words "fifty-something uncle" don't usually summon up wild weekends, but Uncle Joey is no ordinary 50-something.

Some of the highlights:

Massive pub crawl on Friday evening. Uncle Joey liked the Brazen Head so much, he asked me to only take him to old pubs, so we went from one to another, building up and then maintaining a pleasant "almost drunk" state. For some reason though, we ended up in The Dragon. While the main point of The Dragon is that it's Dublin's best gay club, it's a friendly place where anyone can go and the decor is *absolutely amazing*. I don't go there much but I do love the way it's kitted out. On Saturday, it was an Irish Breakfast (of course), followed by a DART trip to Bray and more pubs, including, fortunately, a trad session that I'd tracked down. My uncle was totally in his element and by the end of the day he had a bunch of people around him while he sang. I wish I'd inherited his confidence instead of my teacher parents' reserve. By Sunday, Uncle Joey had already made some friends, so he had a dinner invitation and, to tell you the truth, I was almost relieved. I'm the young one here, but I was worn out.

Strangely enough, the only person I've ever met not to really like U.J. is Bepe. They met Saturday, and Sunday Bepe said rather disapprovingly that he looked "rough". Such an odd comment coming from him. I'm so confused I'm not even offended. Though as B and his friends like to drink beer and shout at the television when the soccer or rugby are on, whose being rough then? B is in a bit of a tizzy right now, because Italy is playing Ireland on Feb. 6th and his boss has given him a ticket to the match. So, lucky me, two whole weeks of listening to him talk about the Italian team and how they are going to win: LIKE I'M INTERESTED.

Tonight, the plan (mine, anyway) is for a quiet evening. Uncle Joey is taking me and my Boyfriend (who I'm introducing as a "friend") out for a meal. I get to choose where and I'm not sure. Something healthy might be good as after that weekend, I could do with a bit of a detox.


Oh dear I hope Bepe isn't dissapointed, the Irish beat South Africa and if they can do that then poor Italy is going to be slaughtered (coming from a girl who knows about rugby).


I'm not sure what I want. If Italy wins there'll be an awful lot of whooping and hollering in my apt., but if they don't, I'll be hearing about it for weeks!!!


I was going to suggest that the result of the rugby match will shut "Bepe" up :-)


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