Spring flowers

February in Dublin, and flowers are everywhere. Firstly, the real thing in the form of snowdrops and crocuses and early cherry blossom is beginning to appear in the parks, months before spring appears back home. Sure, the days are still often grey and it's not yet time to take off the winter coat, but these little flowers are so pretty in the wet winter lawns, it's almost enough to make this goth girl want to change out of her black clothes and into something a bit more summery. And that's not all. Because Valentine's Day is coming up, the stores and street vendors have gone all-out with window displays and shows of flowers and, know what? I know it's hokey and commercial and what-have-you, but who cares...it's pretty, even if you don't buy anything, it's good to see the city looking so bright and it's a welcome reminder that winter is nearly over. So there.

While we're on the topic of Valentine's Day, I've decided what to do. I'm going to take Himself (this is how the Irish refer to someone's Significant Other) out to Fallon and Byrnes Wine Bar, not on the 14th, when everything will be crazy, but on the 13th. It's great there. I can afford it (once in a while) and it somehow manages to feel both very Irish and sort of Left Bank Paris-ish all at the same time. Last time I went it was with a bunch of people from college, as a sort of informal continuation of a tutorial session. We drank a bottle of wine, solved the problems of the nineteenth-century-literature universe and hungrily watched other people eating. At the table on the left, a girl with bright pink hair and a leopard-print dress was having a mild argument with her boyfriend (didn't seem too serious) and on the right, two grey-haired ladies were planning a holiday. I love places that are for everyone.

So that's what I'm planning. Wonder what he'll do for me????

I mentioned it before, but Dublin Tourism asked me to point out again that the Chinese New Year is going to be celebrated here in a big way. I love Chinese food so I'm hoping that it's going to involve dim sum being distributed for free on Dublin's streets (although I should mention that I haven't heard that anything of the sort is happening). I do know that there are going to be street markets and concerts and all sorts of events around the city.

Just found out this weekend on a wander about the city that there are often concerts and things in Dublin Castle. I've never been, but I like the idea of a show in the castle!! Sounds fancy. :-)

Ireland won in the rugby this weekend against Italy, so things are predictably gloomy back home with Bepe, my room mate although everyone says that everyone knew what was going to happen in that match beforehand. He spend Sunday slouched miserably on the coach in a tracksuit, groaning. A sort of horrible mixture between disappointment and the associated hangover. Did I feel sorry for him? Well, not much. Just a little. I made him soup, but he didn't eat it. It's not clear if that's because the soup was a tad burned, or because of the heartache. But it's the thought that counts, right?


Thank you! I appreciate that! It's so nice to hear from people and really makes me feel special to know that someone finds my stories interesting.


Found your blog about a week ago and I'm hooked. Love reading about everything you are up to in Dublin. I moved over there about 3 years ago and stayed for a year, loved every minute but wished I had explored the city as much as you have. I'm coming back next month for a long awaited visit and reading your blog has got me so excited about the city I left behind.


Hi Sarah, thanks for the nice words! I'm always amazed by how much there actually is here, it's a big city but not the biggest and yet I still keep getting surprised! I hope you have a great visit in March.


Love the blog towniegirl and delighted to hear that you like Chinese food. I work in Sales & Marketing in the Best Western Premier Academy Plaza hotel just off O'Connell Street across from D.I.T. Cathal Brugha St. We have a fine-dining Asian and Chinese cuisine restaurant in the hotel, called Abacus. I would be delighted if you (and himself) would come and dine in Abacus some night, with my compliments. Please let me know if this suits you, at; conor@academyplazahotel.ie. Keep up the great work, I've lived in Dublin all my life but still find your blog very interesting.


Thanks Conor for the generous offer! I've sent you an email. Glad you like the blog. I think I have a few Dublin readers; you can live somewhere like this all your life and still have loads to discover.


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