patter of tiny feet

The Mom whose kids I take care of on Saturdays has asked me to come up with something for them to do this weekend. Usually, she arranges everything and all I have to do is show up and watch them.

I was thinking maybe the Botanic Gardens? I've been there before, but not at this time of years, and it's got to be pretty, with all the spring flowers come out and stuff. Thing is, they are rather -- how can I put this -- energetic kids. Some would say "destructive", but let's not go there. My thinking is that there are lots of trees, and there's lots of grass and if I get them to run in circles for a while, they'll calm down and then I'll be able to give them their sandwiches. Plus, I'd like to go. With this warmer weather, I feel like being outdoorsy.

The Poetry Now festival kicks off today! I am thinking of maybe going along this evening with some friends from collge. Because we're literature students, this is basically work, right? Even if wine does get consumed along the way :-)

Otherwise, I have two exciting pieces of news:

1)The nice man in charge of Irish Ferries has given me and a friend a free day trip to Wales! With access to a fancy lounge! I will be blogging about this next week, and plan to have lots of photos. I've never been to Wales before and although I will only be there for a few hours -- exciting!! Plus, the only ferry I've been on before goes from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia, and the views are amazing. I'm really looking forward to seeing Dublin Bay from the water so that I can compare and contrast!

2) Uncle Joey, now ensconced in Wexford, has rung told me that he's coming to visit and has "something important" to tell me. I think I know what it is, but it will be interesting to see if my suspicions are confirmed ...


Don't keep us in suspense for too long!


Enjoy the boat trip, oh perhaps this may be of use to your uncle !!!!


Botanics is a great spot.They dont let kids climb on trees though,but theres plenty for them to do+see!Theres a nice coffee shop in there+the do lovely ice cream cones.Theres also a park about 5 minutes walk away with a big playground.You could show them The Met Office around the corner too.
Or if you hopped on the 19a around the corner from The Botanics,it will leave you across the road from DCU+in the park beside it theres a great playground,lots of places to play football or have a picnic too.


Hmmm... lovely ice cream cones sound good!


Great Idea .... The Palm House is Massive the Kids will think they are in the Amason. and the whole thing is FREE.


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