So I went out with my Uncle Joey last night. So funny that I have a relative living just two hours away, on the other side of the Atlantic from home! He took me out for a meal (very nice; Tante Zoe's). Uncle Joey has never been a sharp dresser, so when I saw his obviously new shirt, I realised that this was an occasion.

Sadly for him, I'd kind of guessed though. Uncle Joey, aged 50-something, came out of the closet!!! To me. I don't think anyone back home knows yet. And I can't imagine that his ex-wife is going to be very nice about it.

Anyway, here's the funny thing. He told me that he'd kind of realised for a long time, but because he's so far from the stereotype (not very handsome; a tough, burly, fisherman, rather conservative in most of his views, idea of home decorating doing the dishes once a week or so) he hadn't done anything about it. And because he came to The Dragon in Dublin (with me, because I love the decor there!!) and saw that some of the patrons were middle-aged fellers like himself he decided to just go for it.

Well, I wanted to appear amazed but, honestly, I had kind of realised. So I just said that if he was happy, I was happy, and asked if there was a special person in his life, but he said he wasn't ready to talk about that yet.

So there you have it. I guess there's a Dublin for everyone. It got my uncle out of the closet he's been in all my life.

I don't really know what to think. It makes sense, but at the same time, it's strange. Whatever the situation between my uncle and his buddy, I hope buddy'll be kind to him. He might be a big, tough looking guy but he's a softie really and I'm sure this whole thing is difficult sometimes.

I'm also coming to a (totally different) realisation of my own. It's forming in the back of my mind right now, but I think I'll make it official soon.

Another weekend has come around and it's so warm today you can -- and I am not exaggerating -- sense a promise of summer in the air. My guess is that this year it's going to be glorious. Bepe and I have a teeny-tiny balcony at our apartment, and I've bought one of those mini barbecue-in-a-box things so that we can grill some sausages tonight. I know it'll be chilly by then and that we'll probably be huddling under a blanket by the time they're cooked, but who cares?


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