Chinese cravings

I wonder when it was that Chinese food became the world's comfort eating? I love Chinese food, but because I'm not a great cook and don't eat out that often, I don't get as much as I would like.

But tonight is gonna be an exception. Tonight, I will be eating out. Hoooray! Because the Irish, like most people, know a good thing when they see one and there are plenty of Chinese restaurants in Dublin. I will write here tomorrow and let you know how I got on!

Summer is coming and that means that a host of the smaller museums and places to visit open for their season. Because I'm studying 19th century lit. I've been keeping my eye on the George Bernard Shaw birthplace, which is located in the very cute neighbourhood of Portobello. I think it opens in May and I'll be taking a break from my studies to go, cause it's basically part of my studies, so it doesn't count!


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