Chinese food -- YUM, and documentaries - ahA!

Wow, last night I dined under the stars.

They weren't actually real stars, but a very clever lighting sort of system in the ceiling of the Chinese restaurant where I went for dinner with a new friend. It was a "romance" sort of thing but I won't say anything because I've tended not to be that circumspect on here in the past and I won't be making that mistake again. Anyway, the lights looked like little twinkling stars, and it was all very pretty.

The meal was good too. There are lots of simple Chinese diner type places in the whole area around Parnell Street, and they are nice. But once in a while it's also good to go somewhere a bit fancier, and this place was great. It's rather enigmatically called "Abacus" and the food there is quite different to the standard Chinese stuff. I had duck stuffed with prawns with a crab sauce!! And smoked chicken pieces! And a sort of sweet and sour soup! I really didn't feel like going home when we'd finished eating; it would've been nice to have had more room so as to try more but, well, maybe another time. There's always a small "European food" section on the menu in Chinese restaurants, offering an omelette, or steak and chips and really, you've got to wonder -- why would anyone go somewhere like that and have an omelette? When there's so much to try? Well, there's no accounting for tastes! If anyone wants to take me out for a meal, anyway, I know the place.

This weekend there's a GREAT festival on in Dublin: it's the "Stranger than Fiction" documentary festival in the Irish Film Institute. Barring a little studying, that's where I am planning to spend most of the weekend, even if the weather is great, as it's supposed to be. There's a mix of Irish and foreign-made documentaries, and I'm really looking forward to one called "Pyjama girls" that's on tomorrow.

So, tomorrow, that's where you'll find me.

Have a great weekend.


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