Something I love here are the markets, and I think they're worth visiting for anyone coming to Dublin. They're not about big fashion labels, generally, or about pretentious dining, but they are about seriously good food, clothing that encompasses everything from vintage to new, and all sorts of things you didn't know you just had to have until you found 'em. Like a fantastic book I picked up, published in 1908, that explains how to be a housewife, including (get this) warming your husband's slippers while he enjoys the meal you've prepared for him.

There's the easy-to-find, like the one in Temple Bar, there's my personal favourite, the Flea Market at Newmarket Square (not that easy to find, and it's a shame, because it's a great secret), the slightly odd Meath Street Market, various chichi markets in places like Dun Laoighaire and now a new one out near The o2, the Point Village Market. I think it's just opened recently. Certainly, I haven't been there yet, but I'll be putting that right this weekend.

As of now, I'm no longer a student. The real world awaits. I'm starting my minimum wage job in an Italian restaurant next week, hoping that I'll be able to keep up with the cooks (until recently, all I could make was soup), and feeling very grateful for having a job. I've done the math and between this and the babysitting-on-Saturday gig I should be able to make ends meet, just about. Fortunately, I'm a low-maintenance sort of gal! :-) My parents are still horrified that I'm doing this instead of getting my teaching diploma, but life's short, right? And we've all experienced teachers who hate the job and are just putting in time because someone told them "Go on, do a teaching diploma, it's something you can always fall back on". Maybe I will decide to be a teacher -- but not yet.

One thing that I'm a little worried about so far as the new job goes is the fact that I'll be working with my housemate, Bepe. We get along fine at home -- but we don't see all that much of each other. Now we'll be working together too. I hope it's not going to be all a bit too much. Also, as he's a professional chef, won't it be kind of weird, being a junior person in his restaurant? Well, time will tell.

Have a great weekend.


Think really hard about your teaching diploma- I was one of the ones who did the diploma because
a. I had no job
b. everyone said it was a good qualification to fall back on
Thankfully I have only had to use it a few times as a supply teacher to make some cash which was probably not fair on me or my poor pupils. If you want to be a teacher then sure go for it! but if you are not sure please don't, try and go for something you will enjoy.


Hi Anonymous -- thanks for the advice. I like your thinking.


Is there any story with you and Beppie ????


What? Noooo. He's a great guy and all, but well, no. He's my housemate! How awkward would that be??


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