No sex in the city, just fish and chips

I got the urge to go to the cinema last night but, honestly, just couldn't cope with all the Sex and the City posters in the bigscreen place. I HATE SATC.

After browsing the options at Cineworld for a while, I just couldn't take all the posters of those four awful women any more and fled to the nearby Lighthouse in Smithfield. It's a more artsy sort of a place and while I like a good blockbuster as much as the next woman, Sex and the City is just a step too far.

OK, the rant is over.

Today is a very important day in the Irish calendar. Guess what? It's National Fish and Chips day! This was set up by the Irish Traditional Italian Chippers Association!! So, apparently, we're all celebrating 125 years of fish & chips in Ireland. Apparently, this food of the gods was actually introduced by Italians. Amazing. Well, it all sounds good to me. I have two main favourites for fish and chips. One is the incredible Burdocks, and the other is Beshoffs. But then again, I also like the Borza fish and chips. Well, what to do? I guess we're spoiled for choice in this fair city!

But isn't funny that fish and chips, beloved of Dubliners everywhere, was actually introduced by Italians? I bet most of the Italian tourists I see with their paper bags full of greasy treats don't know that!


Hi, Was in Ireland last year on my first trip. My partner is from Dublin so I got the individual tour. Going back in September and getting to the places I missed. That will probably take alot of trips. The fish & chips is great allright, especially with mussy peas!! Hello from Topsail, Newfoundland!


Hello there! September is a great month to visit.

My Dublin friends would kill me but I still think that Ches's fish & chips in St John's are the best.


There is a small shack on the coast in Ballycastle (Northern Ireland) that has fantastic fish and chips. Of course I was there on a Sunday evening and it was the only place open so my opinion might be a little skewed... Still, there's nothing like it in the states, that's for sure.


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