Even though Ireland isn't in the World Cup this year, people seem pretty distracted by the whole thing anyway. Maybe it's because I'm spending most evenings working in an Italian restaurant, but it seems that everyone is pretty much glued to the television all the time. This makes for a exciting pub scene as unlike most sporting "fixtures" (why are they known as "fixtures"?) the World Cup is quite easy to get excited about. If you look at the photo below, consider how few people there are about when Dublin is usually full of people you'll realise just how much impact a particularly exciting match has on the number of pedestrians!

But, guys, football is not the only thing happening at the moment!!!

For instance, I only found out today that there's an Indian Film Festival on in Dublin this weekend. I love Indian cinema. I didn't think I would, but I do. And the stuff I like best is the real old-style Bollywood, with millions of extras and loads of singing and dancing. All the actors are so gorgeous -- and the girls look real; they make a little roll of bellyfat look as sexy as hell. It's on in the Swan Cinema in Rathmines.

My only regret about my complicated patchwork of three part-time jobs is that I will never be able to get away for a whole weekend, at least until things calm down. I'm not complaining, of course, because I know I'm darned lucky to have a job and all, but sometimes I think it would be nice to go camping in the Wicklow Mountains, like I did last summer. However: not complaing. I have enough money to pay the rent, I get free tickets (occasionally) from Dublin Tourism and the weather is (mostly) shining.

So, a minor dilemma: I'd really like to go hear a band I was introduced to a while ago, Jimmy Cake. They're playing a gig soon in the Lower Deck, in Portobello. Problem is, my ex is one of their biggest fans (in a slightly worrying, stalker-ish sort of way). I don't want to see him with his (beautiful, thin) wife. But isn't it pretty lame to not do something I want to, just because he's going to be there?


I still read your blog all the time, even though I don't leave that many comments. Friends of mine are coming over in September for the Matchmaking festival, I found the website http://www.matchmakerireland.com/ it's in Lidoonvarna in Co. Clare.


Ooh that sounds like fun! I'd be a bit shy about going, though.


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