Good grief!

A friend of mine just sent me a link to one of the oddest events I've heard of: the Dublin Zombie Walk. So far as I can gather, hundreds or even thousands of people are going to disguise themselves as zombies and walk on a prechosen route through Dublin before finishing up with a disco, including a children's disco, in Temple Bar.

Well, this is certainly a novel way to collect money for charity. I'm kind of sorry I'm busy this weekend, or I'd join in. Or maybe the Mom I babysit would let me bring the kids? Would you take children on a zombie walk?

Apparently, though, they are walking more or less the same route, at more or less the same time, as the annual Gay Pride Parade. Well... that sounds like it's bound to result in a lot of unintentional hilarity. OMG, I've got to go!!!

And hats off to the organisers for inventiveness! I hope they raise lot of money and have a fantastic time. I might even be there. I've actually recommended the event to a few of the people I've met in Dublin Tourism in my meet 'n' greet job. Note to self: stop doing that -- it's too hard to explain to someone who speaks English as a second language, and I think I've alarmed a couple of lovely French families. And the people I meet there are so nice!! I recommended the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl to a couple yesterday, and they went on it and had such a nice time that they came back today with a little box of Butlers Irish Chocolate for me! How sweet is that? I'm just doing my job here.

I have ALL SUNDAY OFF this week, until the evening when I'm on at the restaurant after 8. I'm torn. Should I spent the whole day in bed and catch up on some very necessary sleep, or hook up with my pal Saoirse and go to the mountains for some equally necessary exercise? Oh, decisions, decisions... Maybe I'll wait to see what the weather forecast says before making my choice.


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