Doing too much

I've been burning the candle at both ends, as my mother says. I'm exhausted. I've been working 3 part-time jobs -- that adds up to one-and-a-half full time jobs -- and I've been going out every night, so now I'm just soooo tired. There's just something about these long summer evenings that makes it really very difficult to go to bed. Yesterday, for instance, I was finished work at seven, and planned to go home, do some very necessary housework and have an early night. But then I got a call on my mobile and was summoned to an evening picnic in Phoenix Park. The park is absolutely enormous (my friend's mom likes to tell me how one million people turned up to see the Pope there in the 1970s, and only took up one small corner) but you could still hear voices all around as lots of people had had the same idea as my friends. Well, we were all in a forested area. On the left, a big group of Filipino doctors and nurses were having a feast, and on the right, a big group of Africans were having a cookout. There were kids in the both groups so after they'd been kicking a football to and fro for a while we decided that we should make these we're-all-here-together business official and sent envoys over to each group to see if they wanted to pool all our resources. We were the "Irish" group (I was an honorary Irish person for the evening).

Well, it was fantastic, even if the menu was a bit odd!!!! We had sweet-and-sour pork on Irish soda bread, African peanut sauce on Denny's sausages and, well, a certain amount of beer was consumed all round. Guinness: the great equaliser. There's nothing like eating out-of-doors and it was so much fun to hang out with a bunch of people and just have fun, even if we never see any of them again. We all staggered home eventually, and now I'm just getting my head together before going to Dublin Tourism to do some meeting and greeting in my job there. It's another beautiful day, and it's looking as though this is going to be one of those mythical, wonderful Irish summers I've heard about, but have never experienced.

Back soon!


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