something I just discovered last night

I was in Temple Bar last night when I came on a big bunch of people milling about in Meeting House Square. Turned out they were all there because of a big new event, the Dublin Festival of Photography.

I like to think that my fingers is on the pulse of the city, but this one had completely slipped beneath my radar. And it looks like it's going to be quite a big deal. Here's the website. Because I hadn't known it was on, I only had time to pop really quickly into the photographic archive which had an odd exhibition of little photomontages with a political message that I didn't stay for long enough to decipher. I'll pop in again later.

The reason why I couldn't stay was that I was going to a show in the Project Theatre. It was a depressing little number about heroin addiction, loss, death, and grief but it was very good and I was glad I went. It was a shortish play, so straight afterwards I segued over to the IFI to see a film called "Please Give" which was, well, also a bit depressing, but very good.

I'm pleased to report that I resisted the urge to go for a drink afterwards, although admittedly this was mostly because I'd just forked out the dough to see two shows and couldn't really afford to!! It's just that I'm working so many evenings now I feel like going out and doing stuff on those evenings I have off and to tell the truth the temptation is always there to have a stiff drink or two when I finish in the restaurant, because it's really hard work and I feel a bit tense and need to unwind afterwards.

Anyway, I also found out last night that the IFI runs a "family festival" with really great films for kids. I mean, I would personally like to see a lot of this stuff. It's just a pity it's mostly on when I am working, and that I only have a babysitting job once a week; it looks like a lot of fun.

These summer evenings, the scent of barbecue is on the air, as anyone with as much as a balcony seems intent on eating out of doors. Fingers crossed for the weekend!!


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