Melodic Mayhem

Art is everywhere.

Dublin's a "real" city, not a picture-postcard place. It's got a real city vibe, and there's so much in terms of art. I've just come out of a very long stint at university, between my undergrad and overgrad years, but whatever about literary studies, the real art is happening on the street and it's amazing how so many people are so inventive.

Case in point: On Saturday, I was watching the kids in my babysitting job again and I asked their Mom if I could take them to The Exchange in Temple Bar. I've been there before and it's a great place -- just a venue where people can gather and exchange their (artistic) ideas. Saturdays, they run an event called Melodic Mayhem. Children can go and it's like a great, big jam session. Well, all the kids had a great time, but I think the adults had even more fun. We were all just grinning and laughing and by the time we staggered out at 2 pm we were all high on adrenaline and life. People are so inventive! Wow; I wish I was more musical. But I'm not quite as not-musical as I thought. Or at least, I was banging the drums away with all I have. *wonderful*.

Sunday I was working in the restaurant, and oh-my-god, who came in but my galpal Saoirse's cousin-who-is-a-famous-rockstar!!! I was all like, "I know that guy!" and all the waiters and staff were like, "Yeah, right," so I went over and he invited me to sit down for a few minutes for a chat, which I duly did, and he told his friends that my Mom's bottled moose, which she had posted me just for him, was "Out of this world."

As always happens in Dublin, all the diners were studiously ignoring the fact that there was a seriously famous person in their midst, thus enabling him to eat his swordfish in peace. Afterwards, the souschefs were all excited about the fact they'd cooked for him, and he left a major tip too, so we all celebrated afterwards by going for a late-night drink!


Hey, I was there too! Were you the chick with the bongos? Nice shoes! We were just walking by and heard all the noise and decided to go in.


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