Thank you, Irish weather

It's a fantastically glorious day, 23 degrees in the shade, apparently, and strangely enough it's on days like today that I think about the rain. Everyone knows that Ireland's famous for rain, and it's true ... it does rain a lot. But it's totally worth it, because when the sun shines, it shines down on bright green fields and mountains (in the countryside) and parks and gardens (in the city). Without all that rain, Ireland in the sunshine would be a lot less beautiful that it is. Even in the city, where most surfaces are paved, the cliched Emerald Isle is busting out all over.

You'll meet Irish people who'll try to tell you that they're a restrained bunch, but that's nonsense. They're a nation of exaggerators, and you've gotta love them for it. For instance, everyone (or so it seems) has reacted to this lovely weather by running out of the offices and schools where they work, dashing to the nearest park, and tearing off most of their clothes so as to expose their lily-white Celtic skins to the sun. Maybe not the best idea, health-wise, but I've noticed more than a few tourists admiring the view :-) And that's not all: the sunshine seems to bring out the romantic in people. Stephen's Green is full to the gills of canoodling couples of all ages. It's enough to make a girl wish she had someone of her own *sniff*.

To cut a long story short, they couldn't have had a better day for Bloomsday this year.


I have been enjoying reading your blogs - the descriptions of what Dublin is like is making me wish I was already there! We will be there in ten days (all the way from California) and I couldn't bee more excited!


Hi Eva,

Well, I hope this sunshine will keep going for your trip. If you'd like any advice on things to do, let me know what your general interests are -- I'd love to make some suggestions!


ABSOLUTELY! We have booked a hotel for our arrival and for our anniversary night but are looking for one more in Dublin on our last day -(we are assuming we will be pretty much out of money by the end of our trip so a good deal is important). Also it seems confusing on what clothing to pack - I have read a lot of what NOT to wear but not really anything on what would be smart. Rain gear for sure right?

~ eva


The weather is often really, really changeable, going from gorgeous sunshine to rain and wind quickly so the best way is to dress in layers so that you can peel things off and put them on. I'd say some light blouses and t-shirts with cardigans or sweaters you can peel off, jeans and casual pants or skirts. There's a hotel called the Arlington on South Edward Street that's quite reasonably priced. It's a noisy street, so ask for a room at the back! Almost all the museums and galleries are free, so that sort of thing won't cost anything. There are some great daytours from Dublin to Wicklow and places like Newgrange that are great value -- I know some people who've been on them and they're great. And there's a fantastic tour done at night -- a ghost story bus trip around the city!! I love it. Dublin's best-kept secret is Marsh's library, just around the corner from St Patrick's. I hope you guys have a great time!


Oh my goodness - this has been the most helpful information we have found so far! Thank you so much!
All of this sounds like a lot of fun (we will definitely take that ghost story bus tour & visit the library) and we will be looking into that hotel right now.
This trip is our honeymoon ... 25 years LATER! Somehow we never got around to having one so I am positive we have a wonderful time.
Bless you and thanks again!
~ eva


Wow, well, have a great late honeymoon :-)


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