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It's clearly fate: Since I decided to stay here, at least for another year or so, things have been falling into place. I've been writing blog for over a year now, and it's a non-paying gig -- I get free tickets to things sometimes, but that's it. But now, Dublin Tourism has offered me a little work as a "meeter and greeter", at least over the summer. As I've already got 25 hours a week in a restaurant and a babysitting job on Saturdays, I think I'm doing OK! At first I thought it was a little odd to hire a foreigner but then -- who better? I've seen and done things in Dublin that most of my local friends haven't, and I think I know the city pretty well now.



Hi towniegirl--my wife and I are coming over in September to Ireland, be in Dublin for 5-6 nights total, can you recommend a good, central (nr Trinity or St Stephens Green) Guesthouse, I'm guessing getting B&B is a good idea. We are from Nelson, BC,


Hi there. When my uncle came to visit, he stayed in place near Phibsboro. Most of the B&Bs are a little further from town than the Stephen's Green area. There's one on Leeson Street that looks nice, though -- it's the "Leeson Bridge Guesthouse". Near my place there are short-term apartments that I think are a good deal. It's definitely worth staying in or near the city centre though. I think the Dublin Tourism site has good listings for B&Bs.

Hope you guys have a great time! September is a good months to visit -- the Fringe Theatre Festival is on!


Hiya, can we meet? U free this weekend? Please, drop me a mail on Thanks in advance, Art


There's not many Guesthouses in the centre of Dublin, but the most centrally located I can think of is Kilronan Guesthouse, just a stones throw from St Stephens Green.
The Leeson Bridge Guesthouse is nearly hotel prices and now that hotels are getting so much cheaper in Dublin you would be better in a hotel than Leeson Bridge Guesthouse. I would recommend trying the Burlington Hotel (its ten minute walk from Stephens Green or 15 if you're taking it easy!) It used to be quite an expensive hotel and now its really reasonably priced. Stay away from Temple Bar if you want to sleep! I dont work for any of the above but I'm a Dub and I work in the tourism industry so I hope that helps.
BTW really like the blog Townie Girl!


Thanks, Anonymous.

Art, no offence, but I'm writing anonymously here myself, and I'd like to keep it that way -- thanks for the invite though!


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