I got an email this morning from the lady who posts my blog on the Dublin Tourism website asking me to mention that they have some new videos on there about upcoming festivals in the city. It's a good idea -- festivals are back-t0-back throughout the year in Dublin and it can be all too easy to let one slip by.

Case in point: The Dublin Soul Festival has just ended, and I hardly got to anything. At least now that I've decided to stay on, there's always next year. Anyway, check out the videos of festivals. There's one on this very weekend, the Maritime Festival in the docklands! I'll be babysitting Saturday and I'm going to ring the Mom tonight to see if she'd like me to take the kids. They're nice kids, but they're the sort you have to keep exercising, like dogs, or they get wound up and start to make a lot of noise.

It's crazy, but I sometimes forget Dublin's on the sea, despite the fact that I can see the tidal Liffey river from my apartment window, and the seagulls that are always wheeling over the buildings. But it is, and just a couple of bus stops or a brisk walk from the city centre, there are beaches and people swimming and dogs chasing sticks on the sand. If the weather's good this weekend, and it's supposed to be, I'm off to the sea. I might even swim. Some folks claim the water's too cold, but not for me -- I'm from Newfoundland! It's practically a bath here compared to our water.

Under my bed, I found the cheap tent I bought last year from Lidl. Know what I'm thinking? If I can get someone to come with me, I just might go camping on Sunday!


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