Afro Celt Sound System

Wow! My ears are still ringing. I was at a concert last night and it was just fabulous. I can't believe I hadn't heard of those guys before.

The Afro-Celt Sound System was playing the National Concert Hall and I got to go at the last minute, because a friend-of-a-friend was ill and there was a spare ticket on the loose. Amazing.  There really is an incredible synergy between Irish and African music. The NCH is a very dignified sort of a place, so it was strange to see everyone standing and dancing among the seats. They got a standing ovation!!!

I so love the way Irish traditional music isn't just alive and well but growing and evolving all the time.I wish I was musical; I would love to play the uillean pipes. They have a much sweeter sound than the Scottish bagpipes.

In Dublin, Christmas shopping is very much underway. There's a new shop in town, Forever 21, and every second girl you see on the street is toting a bag around from there. I haven't been in, but I guess I might check it out -- although with all these concerts I've been going to, I'll more likely find some things I can afford at Penneys. Everything is looking super-Christmassy these days, with lights in the streets -- it's getting dark by 4.30 so they are very welcome -- shop windows all dressed up and people dressed for the cold. I've been told by the best of authorities (local greengrocer) that anyone who hand home-made Christmas pudding should be making it now, so I was thinking of giving it a shot. Recipe, anyone??


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