I've said it before and I'll say it again: Dublin isn't on the list of the world's great fashion cities, but there's a real Dublin style and it's very cool and funky. I was never a girlie girl, but I've got more into clothes since coming here, and I LOVE all the flea markets and second hand stores.

Last week, there was a report in the newspaper about one of Dublin's fashion stores, A/Wear, which is celebrating 25 years with a big party on Grafton Street on November 10th. I've emailed in hope of getting a ticket, so fingers crossed.

Anyways, as it's the season for doing things indoors, I'm going to check out something else on Grafton Street; a season of short Irish films at the Bewleys Cafe Theatre. The time works pretty well for me as they are on just before I have go to to work most Thursdays. It's called "Discover Irish Film". 

In other news, I've got a date! Tonight! It's a guy I don't know. As in, I've seen him but we haven't really met. He ate at the restaurant last week and left me a note on his business card asking me to call because he'd like to meet up for a drink. Bepe, my flatmate, is all like "That's sordid, don't go." But I think, why not? We're just meeting for a drink in town, so if it goes well, great, and if not, well, I haven't lost anything. Right?


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