The status quo

So... life is sweet. I have just had the strangest, and most wonderful weekend. And now everything just seems absolutely different than before.

It all started on Friday when I was getting ready to go to the cinema. (There's a Frank Capra season on at the Irish Film Institute -- fabulous!)

Anyway, I went into the bathroom to put on some make-up and once again found that there were LONG BLOND HAIRS in the sink. I was outraged because I thought, well, fine if he's got a new girlfriend but I'm his flatmate and the least he could do is tell me about it. So I stormed the short distance to the living room and yelled at Bepe who was sitting there with, ah, Robert, who is a kitchen porter at the restaurant where we both work and who is between flats at the moment and who has, ahem, long blond hair. So Robert has been kipping in various people's pads and needed a shower so he came to ours.

Confronted with the sight of a furious woman, Robert slinked away whereupon Bepe tells me that the reason why he hasn't had a girlfriend all this time is that he likes ME. I didn't know what to say so I went and met my friend Saoirse for the cinema anyway. But I couldn't even see the film. I just sat in the dark and tried to figure out what this meant. In the end, I thought, well, why not? Maybe it's worth a shot.

After the film, Saoirse and I went for a drink in the Mezz, but I just wanted to go home. Finally, I told her what had happened, and she was like, "So what are you still doing here? Go!!!" so off I went.

And the rest was history.



Congratulations x


Haha,everyone saw this coming! Congrats!


I KNEW IT!!! HAHA! Congrats to you and Bepe!- Cin


OMG! Haven't read this blog for the past week and look what I missed! Can't believe it!


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