Things to get used to

Life is strange these days. Suddenly, I not only have a boyfriend - and he's a heck of a lot nicer than the last one - but we are already living together, because we're flatmates. The etiquette of this situation is pretty hard to get my head around. Like, can I still complain about the remote control planes all over the place? Is my room still "my" room or is there an "our" room?

Well, I guess we'll try to have fun sorting it all out :-)

Ireland is experiencing gales right now and although I know it's a pain in the ass for a lot of people now that I'm back home (not working tonight) I'm enjoying the sound of the wind and watching the waves on the river Liffey beneath my window.

Anyway, winter in Dublin is good. The Christmas lights are going up and whatever the groaners say, I think it's lovely to see them in November. Without leaves on the trees, they make things pretty! There are going to be lots of Christmas markets like this one in the Docklands and something that this Newfoundlander appreciates greatly, skating! So, early or not, I say hooray for Christmas! And I'm really looking forward to it this year. :-)


sounds lovely - it's hard to get used to Christmas lights with palm trees....I know my Irish man will be missing Dublin this year!


I knew it! Bepe! ...Jeez, women are so weird! How long did it take! ...Congrats ;) have fun


So happy for you & Bepe. After reading your blog for the last year or so I was convinced something was going to happen - you deserve happiness in your life :) I'm back over to Dublin next weekend and really can't wait to see the Christmas lights


Thanks, guys. I hope the weather will be nice for you, Sarah. It's cold these days, so bring a scarf and a hat, or buy some when you get here!


Don't worry I've experienced a Dublin winter so will be packing something warm.....but will buy something over there as well :)


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