Gay theatre success, unfairness

So I went to see More lives than One--Oscar Wilde and the Black Douglas last night. It was fantastic. The venue was small so you could really get lost in the play. I took Bepe because nobody else wanted to come with me and he wasn't doing anything.

I have several remarks to make:

1) Why are so many gay guys also really good-looking. It's not fair! Guys--yours are the genes we really need to be spreading!
2) I really didn't know what to expect, but I can now confirm that gay theatre is in fact pretty similar to regular theatre, except that there are more hot men in the audience, and none of them are looking at ME.

Another thing that really struck me was the fact that while Oscar moved to England and wrote plays mostly set in England and about the English, there really is something very, very Irish about his sense of humour and approach to life and language.

Also, I was gently amused by how nervous Bepe was. He actually put his arm around me "so that THEY won't think I'm gay--not that there's anything wrong with that." A little anxious about your masculinity there, Bepe?

Well, I didn't mind. At least he's nice and clean--and I'm getting used to his cologne. He certainly puts on enough of it.


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