lurking in my room

Fabia is in the flat and she and Bepe are having a row. I don't know what it's about -- Obviously, I don't speak Italian. I know she has to leave soon because she's supposed to be babysitting the kids of the family she works for so I'm just going to stay in here until they're done. Here's hoping she won't have any time for some make-up passion when it's all over.

I guess it might be nice to have a boyfriend but there are also some benefits to being single. I can do whatever I want. Sigh.

This weekend, my two girlfriends are going to be away "down the country" as they say in Ireland with their families and I suddenly realise that I don't know that many people here and that the city can be a lonely place. I don't feel like going to bars and things at the weekend, but I don't want to just be by myself either. There's lots I could do on my own but I'm not really sure that I want to. Maybe I should join some sort of a group. A hiking group? An astronomy group? Heck if I know. I am also a bit low on funds.

A quick browse of the Internet later and I have a plan. There's a dance festival on. Modern Dance is not really my sort of thing, but on the grounds that it is A) free and B) not far from my apartment I'm going to go to this. It's part of the Dublin Dance Festival. There seems to be some festival or other on at any given time. The Gay Theatre Festival is still ongoing. A coincidence?

Anyhoo, there are going to be free performances by artists from the festival at this show, so maybe I'll like modern dance more than I think (haven't really seen a whole lot of it) and I think it's the sort of thing you can go to on your own without looking like you're wearing a big L for "loser".

Not that I'll be doing any dancing myself. Most of my family members are great fiddle players and singers and they are all good at dancing. Me? I got two left feet.

Flip-flops: Wal-Mart
Feet: Model's own


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