Famous rock star stew

I'm blown away. Not only was the house of the famous rock star AMAZING but yet homey and a bit cluttered in a really REAL sort of way, but they were really cool and friendly and absolutely LOVED Mom's bottled moose and insisted on ringing her in person to give direct thanks. How nice is that? Mom was NOT cool about it (I could hear her squeeking in excitement from the other side of the room). But it was lovely and nice and a fantastic evening.

I wish I didn't care that they were so freakin famous but that wouldn't be true. A part of me is thinking that I just met some nice relatives of Saoirse's last night but a part is all "Oh My GOD I can't believe I'm really having dinner with ***!!!!"

Saoirse said relax, there are lots of musicians in Dublin and it's really uncool to get all excited every time you meet one. I think I managed to look reasonably chilled last night. But guess what? I took a picture of the toilet on my mobile!!!

In other news I am pleased to report that my studies are going really well. I think I've probably already done about half the reading for my thesis and that's before term even begins. But I am really looking forward to the start of classes as I could do with some more supervision and even a few new friends. I've kind of lost touch with those college girls because I've been hanging with Saoirse and Bepe a lot. I could do with shaking up. I need to see some new venues!

So, my eleven mysterious followers who never write comments, any suggestions for the weekend? Any? I have very little money but I want to go OUT!


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