Missing the sea

Of course, Dublin is on the coast, but it is surprisingly easy to forget it when you live downtown.

Being from Newfoundland, I am used to being near the ocean. The Irish Sea doesn't quite cut it for me. Seas are NOT like oceans. Whereas the ocean is big and huge and scary and beautiful, seas are muddyish things that don't have near as much glamour. Basically, they have a lot less going on for them.

Having said that, when I get homesick, which I do once in a while, the first thing I do is head to the coast. It might be just the Irish Sea, but at least it smells a bit like home. I have been to Howth a number of times and it's great -- I just love the way you can walk around the head of Howth and see nothing but the sea and the rocks and the birds. Bray is nice but scruffy by comparison, although the Dart ride down is quite spectacular.

Today the overcrowding in the apartment was kind of getting on my nerves (although they are leaving tomorrow) so I hopped on a bus to Dun Laoighire.

I like the waterfront there. It looks very English to me, although perhaps I shouldn't say that for fear of annoying Irish people. There are all these elegant Victorian homes lining the seashore. The parks are pretty and people walk their dogs up and down. I guess you've got to be pretty well-heeled to live out there. But it must be nice. It is a cool place to visit, even if it doesn't really work as a stand-in for home.

Back at the apartment, Bepe's parents cooked up a storm tonight and I'm FULL so I'll just go massage my belly a bit and go to sleep!


Hey TownieGirl you should try swimming at the 40 foot in Dun Laoighre in south Dublin. I went there for the 1st time yesterday and it was fantastic! I am a convert to sea swimming!

The water isn't exactly warm, but it is clean. And you feel AMAZING when you get out.
Check out the 40 foot on Wikipedia:

You are totally wrong about swimming in the sea, and Dublin is one of the few cities in Europe where you can go to the beach and swim (if you aren't too much of a wuss!)

Your friends at Dublin Tourism have a list of Dublin beaches here:

Hope to see you down by the sea real soon!!!


Someone told me that the 40-foot was for naked old men, but you're right -- apparently women can go now. But am I going to have to swim cheek-by-jowl with a bunch of naked golden oldies?

I HAVE been for several swims this summer, actually, and very nice too. I didn't mean to insult your sea, honestly! Just more of an ocean kinda gal.

I've heard there are some amazing beaches in Wicklow and wouldn't mind heading down before it gets too cold to swim (and before I start classes) so if anyone knows how I can get there by public transport I am all ears.


Sadly for the aging nudists among us, the days of naked swimming at the 40 foot are past!

Although I think that there is a nude beach down near Killiney somewhere a bit further south.

Anyway, a dip in the sea is to be recommended!

And if you're after ocean waves Ireland has some of the best surfing in Europe on the West Coast.



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