Christmas is coming, the goose is gettin' fat...

Well. With these dark evenings and stormy skies, it's not difficult to remember that Christmas is coming. More and more of the stores in town have Christmas things in the window, and most of the streets seem to have their festive lighting on. Even if people are still cross about what happened in the France/Ireland match last week, there's a good atmosphere. I walked on Grafton Street today, and there were plenty of buskers doing their thing in the rain and raincoat-covered tourists looking at them.

Mom and Dad will be here in...what? Three weeks. I'm hoping it's going to be cold-but-pleasant but what the hey, even if it's rainy and windy, we haven't seen each other since April and it will be fun. Mom being mom, she'll be bringing me as many home cooked goodies as she can, Ireland's import laws and suitcase space permitting. I'm hoping for cod tongues. I wonder why the Irish don't eat 'em, when they're so finger-licking good. There are some places selling good (considering it's not from Newfoundland) fish around Smithfield and in Howth, but still, no cod tongues. Perhaps I can introduce them to the locals? Anyone want to call up to the apartment for a tasty dish of cod tongues?


If you're cooking, I'll come ;-)

I see you live near Moore St. If you like traditional food, there are some old-style butchers up there who sell crubeens (pigs' feet) and stuff like that.

Love the photo -- do you really look like Veronica Lake?


Now that you know some of the eccentricities of Dublin's Fair City you'll be able to show your parents all that Dublin has to offer this Christmas. Is it their first time here? I'd help but I'm working 365 (see profile)
My Mom will be in Canada and then San Francisco for Christmas!


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