Shock news

My Uncle Joey is coming over in the New Year.

Now, I love my Uncle Joey and no family party would be the same without him, but what I am going to do with him? He's going to stay in a hotel (which I have arrange + he wants it to be great + cheap so maybe not so easy) but I'm betting he's going to want to be shown the town. He's only coming for 5 days but, uf...

What to do with a drunken sailor? And if you think I'm casting aspersions, it's not like that. Uncle Joey was the only one of his family to go into the fishing/sailing world and he's the archetypal bigger-than-life man's man who likes to work hard, play hard and knock back his beers.

I can't believe he's coming. So like him, though, to just book his tickets and tell me afterwards, ha. He split up with his wife of 20+ years a while back so maybe that's why.

So if there's any ladies out there interested in a 50ish gent from Newfoundland with tattoos on his forearms, a heart of gold and a serious party habit, let me know.


Honestly, sounds like your Uncle Joey will fit right in :-)


Hmmm now if only I weren't married - lol ;)


Oh, I feel a bit mean now. He's really good fun. I just don't really know where to take him and I want him to have a nice time!


what kind of music does he like?


I find that Kilmainham Gaol is a perfect start for any City Tour. You have to catch the bus down along the Liffey (so you see a lot of the city including the Guinness factory, which is a lot better from the outside than from the inside :D ) and you get a great overview over the history of Dublin (+ it´s not even boring, as it is in the gaol).

Then what about the Jameson Distillerie? The tour there is pretty good + you get to try some Whiskey :D.

Depending on whether you mind to spent 15 €, do the Hop on Hop off Tour, its actually walkable + I prefer that, but its a lot quicker if you take the bus.

I would always go for a cliffwalk in Bray or Howth or visit the harbour in Dun Laoghaire, as you have to see some irish landscape while you are there. Speaking of that, you should consider a tour (either car or bus) to Glendalough and/or the Wicklow mountains (which are great in winter).

I also like the seasafari - a speedboat tour, that takes you along Dublin bay. They provide raingear and suitable clothes, so it might even be ok in winter.

Hope that gives you some ideas..


Anyone (particularly a sailor) who sings Waltzes With Bears sounds like he can find his own entertainment . . . by the way, you know the ways of the net: Uncle Joey is reading all this right now.


Hi Kerry. He's a big fan of traditional Newfoundland and Irish music, so finding things to do in the evening will be easy. He's got a huge voice and he's not afraid to use it. I guess my biggest problem will be getting him out of bars, not into them! ha! There are some bars that do Irish dancing shows, so I guess maybe something like that could be fun. My Mom and Dad are over for Xmas so maybe I can send over a guidebook so he comes over with some ideas of his own.


During the day take him on a whirlwind tour of the Boyne Valley and Newgrange.
There are lots of historic sights to see and the fresh air might do him good :)


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