Friday feeling

Another week over! I have worked sooo hard this week and I am feeling good about things! There are times when I feel as though the thesis is taking over my life but right now I am on top of it and good to go for the weekend. I'm going to go home now, pick up some ingredients on the way home and make some more soup.

Yes, I have become quite the soup chef. And while I would rather eat a less monotonous diet, as a way to keep money on the side for going out, it's working out very well.

But not tomorrow. Tomorrow, I've been invited to eat at the restaurant where Bepe works. And I really can't wait, because it's not the sort of place I could normally afford to go. His boss, bless him, is letting him have a few friends over for an early bird meal instead of a Christmas bonus this year. Well, I'm telling you, if it's as good as Bepe says, I'll get my mom and dad to take me there when they are over...a few weeks from now.

After the meal I'm meeting the Beautiful PhD Student for another of our unsatisfying is-it-or-is-it-not-a-date outings. Sigh. I think I'll tell him that I'd rather not see him anymore, even though that means telling him that I really, really don't want to be just friends.

He's suggested going to a wine bar. Now, to me, that sounds like a very grown-up, romantic sort of thing to do. But then he's already made it superclear that he's not looking for a relationship so... yes, I'll have to tell him I don't want to see him any more. Sigh. But tell you something, I am going to look Fabulous when I do it!!!!

The weather forecast for the weekend is not bad, considering the time of year. Cue my sad, solitary walk on Sunday at Sandymount or Howth or somewhere suitably moody after having said goodbye to my hopes 'n dreams.


If you've mastered soup, you should be able to handle stew! Irish stew is a must if you're living in Dublin. Try to get to know a good butcher in your area and he'll see you right.


I hope things were not too bad with your meet with Ph.D student...


Very good thank you Petra [contented sigh]


I just read the most recent blogs!! This is what I get for not reading for a few days!! I am so thrilled :DDD


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