stars in my eyes

Things did not work out for me this weekend exactly as I had planned.

In fact, they took a new and interesting in turn.

In fact, I have a new *boyfriend*. It's still very early and well I am not sure how it will work out long term but I am so excited. Too excited to go into it here. I am superstitious and it is too early to talk about it. I haven't even told any of my friends.

This morning I woke up and Dublin had never looked as beautiful as it did when I opened my curtains. Sure, maybe it's because of the Amazing Events of the weekend, but the sun was shining and everyone just looked cheerful and happy although they think it's getting cold (I am from Newfoundland -- I know cold. It's not really that cold).

I missed an appointment in college and wandered about the neighbourhood taking pictures instead.

The bridge near my house.

This is Dublin's Spire. It's near my apartment but I have to leave the building and walk a couple of minutes to see it. I totally love it, but apparently it's controversial and it has a bunch of nicknames. One is "The Nail in the Pale" which I don't understand.

I was talking to the greengrocer about it.

"I used to hate that feckin' thing," he said, "and I was dead opposed to it but seeing it every day I'm after getting used to the bloody object and I wouldn't be without it now."

Translation: He likes it. I love that man. He is a poet. And he doesn't know it.

My Mom and Dad will be here soon!!!! So I have to get their presents, like, yesterday. Well, I am organised. I have bought my Dad a tweed hat at a shop on Nassau Street that must've remained exactly the same since, oh, 1930 or so. They have fantastic men's stuff there. All those classic tweed suits and things... why don't young men dress up more? I think they would look amazing!!

I haven't got my mom anything yet though. She's tricky.

Oh, and I will have a new person to buy a gift for this year [blush]!


'the nail in the pale' refers to the fact that Dublin was once known as the pale, the English had defences around to keep the mad Irish out so the English could live in peace! (tat worked real well ha!) and nail part well that's obvious but I'll explain just in case! The spike looks like an up side down nail hence the nail in the pale!


Oh, OK, thanks. Was it called the "Pale" because of the British complexion? ;-)


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