yuk -- Boys and their stupid toys

Bepe and a couple of his loud friends from the restaurants are noisily sprucing themselves up in the living room prior to going to what's got to be the daftist waste of money IMHO: A show about cars.

"Top Gear" is a show on TV that is now...ugh...I mean, how is this better than those Monster Truck Rallies they go to in the US?

I know: we all have different tastes blah blah and sure, I hope he has fun. But I also hope he doesn't bring those noisy idiots back to the apartment afterwards 'cause they'll probably be all over-excited and wake me up.

Yes, I am a grouch. But that's because MY hobbies are COOL and HIS are SILLY!!!

Now I feel guilty. I guess it's a good thing that in this rich tapestry of life we all have different interests. Imagine if everyone wanted to go where I did! There wouldn't be room for me!

Anyway, speaking of tasteful venues, I'm going to have a quick dinner and go to the Long Hall, absolutely one of my favourite Dublin pubs of all time, for a drink. It's so pretty there! Mirrors! Chandeliers! Good-looking bar staff! Traditional and history!

And most of all, appearing tonight, my boyfriend! I already saw him once today but going out in the evening is different; it calls for a change of clothes, some make up and the vintage hat I bought when I was supposed to be shopping for presents. I've never been crazy about being tall but you know what? There are advantages. Let's face it: from up here all those short people in hats look like mushrooms. Instead, I think I look pretty fetching in my 1950s velvet number! Yup: hats were really made for us beanpoles.


Hey, don't knock it til you try it! Top Gear is great fun -- and I'm a girl!


Well, I have to tell you that the Top Gear show was great! Amazing sports cars, car stunts, and a most attractive scantily clad young lady doing firebreathing!!!

What more could you ask for in a night out!! :)


Top Gear ROCKED! You should have gone!


Oh, I feel mean now! I'm glad you guys had such a great time. I was just feeling a bit crabby about the giant remote control airplane that seems to take up most of the living room and the fact that *someone* always books the TV when that show is on!!

Scantily clad fire-breathing though -- that sounds dangerous...


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