WOW! Free gifts!

I am so lucky! I have just been with a lady from Dublin Tourism and she has given me...well, how can I describe it...a CHRISTMAS DELUXE GIFTPACK of free tickets and stuff.

Well, I won't have to worry about spending too much money this Xmas. For one thing, my parents are coming and I daresay they'll be picking up tabs at restaurants and stuff (Thanks, Mom and Dad.I do appeciate it and when I am gainfully employed I will return the favour). For another, I now have free tickets to:

1) the the RDS. That's this weekend and I am going to invite Saoirse's Mom. It's not necessarily my sort of thing, but I think it is hers and she has been so sweet and welcoming to me that I'm happy to have the chance to do something for her, too;
2) The Christmas Carol at the Gate Theatre. Super! And nineteenth century literatre is my thing too. This is practically studying!!!
3) Loads of tickets for ice-skating in Smithfield! I've already been but I'll go again. Might even take Mom and Dad. Dad used to play ice-hockey and will chew your ear off about how he could've gone pro if he'd only been given the chance (etc.)
4) Four Dublin City Cards. She gave me some of these when my sister was over with her family and they saved a bundle so I might try to keep my one for when Uncle Joey so that I can give it to him because he loves a bargain.

Well, that's all good. And tonight? Well, tonight: I AM COOKING DINNER FOR MY BOYFRIEND!

As the only thing I know how to make is soup, we're having soup. However, I have it on the best of authority that it's very easy to cook a baked potato, and for the second course, I have something very special in my kitchen cupboard... something romantic! Something that will knock his socks off! You guessed it: MOM's BOTTLED MOOSE! Who could resist! Ha. So: a cosy night in. Bepe is working until late so we'll have the apartment to ourselves. I think his girlfriend will be staying over tonight so I guess, hm, well, will we be three or four for breakfast?


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