Not working so hard these days...

It may be only December 8th, but I am so not working hard. I like to think that it's because I deserve it, because I did so much reading before my coursework started, but the fact is that I just feel all Christmassy and stuff although there's still two weeks to go. My parents will be here next week, I have a boyfriend, I will have the apartment all to myself (and my parents obviously) over the holidays and, well, there's loads to do. Plus, the fact that I got some free tickets and that my folks will be paying for meals out and stuff over the holidays means that the financial pressure is off. And a good thing too, 'cause I'm getting bored of soup!

This weekend, I had 2 tickets to A Christmas Carol from Dublin Tourism and although I am supposed to go and write about my own experience, I actually gave them to my man and his kid because he always has to take care of her on Saturdays, and it was billed as a family show. I felt very virtuous--although as I spent the first half of the show shopping on Jervis Street and the second having not one but two hot whiskeys in the theatre bar, I'm not sure that I deserve to. Anyway, apparently the show was great -- and not TOO scary.

Sunday, I had him to myself. He took me to his folks' place near the sea on the northside. They weren't there, but I hope I get to meet them. I also found out that they are an Irish speaking family!!! Originally from the west of Ireland, they all still speak Irish at home, and the Dad plays the fiddle. Well, I like them already. Too bad they weren't there. In fact, I don't even know if they know about me at all...don't want to push things or anything but it would be nice to meet them. I'd promised Saoirse's mother I'd share my entry to the Craft Show at the RDS and I only just made our date on time. Great stuff -- but mostly out of my budget. She, however, went crazy!

Sunday, we went for a wintery walk by the sea.

The girl in the photo is not me BTW.

When I first came to Dublin, I didn't rate the sea very much because I'm from Newfoundland where the ocean is king. But I've had to revise my opinion somewhat. I love the long sandy beaches and I think I like them best at this time of year when you bundle up with a scarf and a had and get blown about like a paper bag in the wind. Romantic AND refreshing!

Well, I am not seeing Him tonight, but I am doing something I haven't done for a while, and that's go for a drink with my roomie. I'm going (alone) to see a movie in the German Film Festival at the IFI and meeting Bepe (and hopefully not Fabia) for a beer in the bar there afterwards. It's a really neat place, very much for the arty-student-about-town.

S'all for now folks.


i like your life so far :)

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