It's a countdown

Wow! I can't believe that Mom and Dad will be here next Tuesday--and I can't believe I haven't seen them since April. I'm really psyched about showing them around "my" city. I've almost gotten used to it, but when you think about it, the cobblestones in Temple Bar are probably older than most communities in Newfoundland.

Walking around and trying to decide where to take them has enabled me to see Dublin through "new" eyes again and also made me realise that I've really settled in. For instance, when I first came, if I'd had any money I'd've stocked up on green t-shirts and Guinness hats, but now that I'm practically a local, there's no way... But I know my folks will want to buy a bunch of that stuff to take home.

Look at this cool Xmas tree on O'Connell Street. Not so much to look at in the daytime, but when it's dark -- which is quite early at the moment -- it's awesome. The spheres all change colour.

That's all folks. It's half past four and I am heading home early. We're going to a gig tonight at the Sugar Club. No idea what to expect.


If it's not too late for this message - you should drop in to my favorite Dublin Pub Hartigans just across the street from the Sugar Club on Leeson Street. One of the last remaining pubs to hold it's true old Dublin character.


Thanks, Brian. I didn't get to it on Friday but I'll definitely call in some day soon. It's too easy to get stuck in the rut of just going to the same places downtown all the time.


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