Should I be offended?

My boyfriend's Dad, it turns out, is playing in a "session" this week... but when I asked if I could come along, He told me that he was "ready" for me to meet his Mom and Dad. When I suggested I might go, it was really just to hear the music. I really like traditional music, and they play in a place in the northside suburbs somewhere, where I haven't been. But now I've been told I *can't* go, I'm a bit upset? Is that normal? I mean, I know we've only been together a week 'n all but still?


Sorry, but that is just a typical female reaction to an honest answer. Give the guy a break!


Well, JP, you might be right. But consider this: When I told him that my parents were coming over he said "I hope I'm going to meet them -- I don't want to be hidden away."

So without wanting to read too much into's a bit odd to want to meet my folks and not let me meet his, huh?


hmmmmmm.... tis a pickle indeed! you probably already know him well enough to have a hint of what's going down? ...could be a 'man' thing! like he's not planning on you meeting his folks... and you're just a 'right now' girl... or maybe it's something less shite... like, he's nervous or something like that! ... have it out with the swine! :)


Okay woooo a minute here, it's an Irish "boy" thing, you can't meet the parents until the boy is ready and this can some times take up to 2 years of dating. I am not from this country, but have worked with a bunch of guys in their late 20's early 30's and even they would not take a girl home to meet mommy or daddy until they are ready - WHY I have no idea but I will find out for you - RR.


No, you're kidding? Two years? That seems excessive.


hi.. i just came across this blog by chance... Im a Dub living in Canada... just wanted to say hello and this is great!
btw.... yeah, ya shouldve went.. :)


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