It's the end of the world as I know it in, I've been quite cocooned here in my own little life in Dublin and suddenly worlds are going to collide. Mom and Dad will be here in just under two weeks. They'll have to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights, but then Bepe's going back for his first Xmas in Italy in two years, and we'll have the apartment to use.

Although I've reached the ripe age of 23 (!) this is my first Christmas away from home and it feels strange. I don't know how to have Christmas in a city apartment. Should I get a tree? Should I attempt to cook dinner? I think that there are some hotels and restaurants that do Christmas dinner but is that, well, not homey enough? Or would it be a nice break for Mom who, let's face it, would likely end up doing most of the cooking anyways.

Also, what about my boyfriend. We're on a "go slow" system because it's all very new, but should I introduce him? Or not? I mean, he's not introducing me to his folks 'cause they are still upset about his split with his daughter's Mom. On the other hand, it's apparently OK for me to meet his little girl. He's already invited me to a Christmas toy fair with her. He always tries to do stuff with her at the weekends which means that if I want to see him Saturday and Sunday (and I do) I'm gonna have to get used to Disney movies and playgrounds and all the rest of it.

Ah, life.

The Christmas shopping continues. Who knew I had so much to buy? I did find this cool (and very Dublin) arty place near Camden Street, Mayfly, which is near a very funky cake shop. Not to easy to find as you have to wander away from the street, down an alley and into a funny building that's a traditional Dublin rowhouse from the front and a curious eco-art-building at the back. But very cool and I like the way Dubliners are arty and unpretentious!

So...I'm still at college. It's windy today and I forgot my hat so I guess I'll download some pictures from my phone and put 'em up here in the hopes it calms down before it's time to head home...


I had Christmas dinner in a restaurant once -- years ago in Budapest. I'd competely recommend for a break from the usual same old same old. I'm sure there are some good places in Dublin. Try looking off the beaten track rather than in teh obvious tourist joints.

Happpy holidays!


Why not take your folks to Newgrange on 21st Dec - the winter solstice. It is a very unique experience. You need to be there before sunrise (8.00am) and watch the sun rise over horizon to light up the boyne valley and the central chamber of Newgrange. Unfortunately you will have to stay outside with the crowd until the so called dignatatiries have left and then you can go inside for free!!! More info on newgrange at

Happy Solstice!


I second the solstice idea. I am hoping to be there this year. If the weather is good, it should be a really special experience.


Good idea -- I will definitely look into that and it might be nice to have a little break from all the Xmas madness in the city.


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