Film Festival Frenzy.

Another weekend! I'm perking up! So what if I'm single again; the only way to deal with this is to be positive. And I'm starting a new job tomorrow, so I'll have some €€€

Starting tomorrow night, I'm gonna hit the Film Festival in a big way. Yeah!


You must love Dublin huh! Never been there but this is all about to change at 2330hrs, 20th March 2010. I've been reading your blog for a week now and can only say that you've got it made in the shade in Ireland which is why as a visitor, you have the best insight. I purpose the best party Ever in Dublin on the 21st of March 2010. Haven’t celebrated the birth of me since I was a young snot nose kid with money pinned to my chest posing for cheesy pics that will last a lifetime and so on. But never been to Ireland before, and don’t know where the "Fun Spots" are. A true test of your Awesomeness would be to provide to Dublin, your followers, and also yourself how Legendary "Dublin" can amazingly be as anyone would expect it to be by accompanying me, a simple brotha from Texas around on his B-Day.


Hi There towniegirl, so sorry to hear of your breakup, Valentine's weekend and all! You stick with that nice Italian boy and I'm sure he will see you right.
How was the job yesterday? What fun things did you do with the kids?


Hi Becky. I'm trying to put it behind me. The day with the kids was...well, interesting. They are more different from adults than I thought! I'm gonna blog about it later.


Hey Things will get better. You sound like a bright, beautiful woman. You have a great head on your shoulders you'll come out just fine, trust me. I'll be traveling to Ireland at the end of March and can't wait to visit Dublin.


Hi Gabriel,

Not sure if I can offer to show you round in person, but I can definitely offer you some advice about cool places to go if you like. I've tried out pretty much all the pubs downtown in the name of, ahem, research... You're gonna love it. Too bad you'll miss St Patrick's Day though.


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