Opera Ireland

I got an email from Dublin Tourism today telling me that they've scored me two free tickets to the opera next weekend, in the Gaiety Theatre. Well, that's going to be an interesting experience for me, because it's not the sort of music I usually listen to. I do love the theatre, though, so I am feeling pretty optimistic. Bepe, my housemate, has been a great friend for me over the last few days, as I've been really sad and gloomy, so I thought he might like to come. The thinking was, well, he's Italian, Italians invented opera, obviously he's gonna like that sort of thing.

Sadly, however, he's going to be otherwise occupied. Like, watching football on Sky TV or something. Sigh, he's a lovely guy but he's not the most culturally adventurous.

In other news, my brand-new part time job kicks in this weekend. The lady from the Irish Countrywoman's Association who I met last week hooked me up with a friend of hers who was looking for someone to take care of her kids on Saturdays, as she's opened a new business in town. I met her yesterday, and we're starting on a trial basis.

I may have, ahem, slightly overstated my experience with children. The two girls I mentioned having spent a lot of time with? Actually my sister and me, growing up. But I will do my absolute best and I think it will be OK. They are an 8-year-old girl, and a 6.5-year-old boy, and she wants me to take them to things, like workshops in the museum or events in The Ark. Which will also be good for this blog, I guess. Another good thing, apart from the fact that I will be earning a little money, is that my Saturdays are now going to be very full, which means that it's going to be harder to sit about moping, which is what I'm doing most of the time since the worst weekend I've ever had. Huh. Well, at least the Russian Culture Festival is going on. Tomorrow I am going to see a "series of short informational films" in Meeting House Square in Temple Bar. Which sounds curious. And once again, I love the way the Irish just think "what the heck" and organised outdoors events all year round. It makes sense. Life is too short to worry about the things we can't change.


Great! You should most definitely bring those kids to see 'The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly' at The Ark. It's fantastic and I would love to hear your thoughts on it too.

Have fun!


Thanks! Tomorrow is the first day and I am kinda nervous. I think the Mom has a certain budget for the children to do stuff, and after the first weekend or two I'll just organised and take 'em out. It's minimum wage but she's nice and hopefully it'll work out OK, plus I guess I'll have some fun doing finger painting at the zoo and things...


Ha, funny how you point out that the Irish organise events all year round. There is certainly no depending on the weather here! :-)


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