Bacchanalia, Irish style

All over the world, cultures celebrate spring, and Ireland is no exception. Of course, St Patrick's Day is also about the man himself, Ireland's patron saint, and all the legends about him but it is also about Irish people hanging up their winter coats (OK, even if it still is a bit chilly) and celebrating spring. It's been more or less like a party everywhere since Friday and while I guess some of the locals might be a bit used to it or even jaundiced, it is nice to see so many people having a good time. There seem to be lots and lots of Spanish and Italian tourists nattily dressed in winter gear wandering (and wondering) about town in a state of bemused excitement. With their usual touch for the surreal, the Irish have been holding odd but great events. Like the Flash Tea Party, in Merrion Square, attended by yours truly and a couple of friends. Great stuff, as the Irish say. Tomorrow, I'm going to a mass ceili in Stephen's Green.

Here's a picture I took of the fountain in Stephen's Green a week or two ago. The smart money is on at least some of the revellers ending up IN the fountain! Hopefully, it won't be me.

I've just realised, anxiously, that I don't actually HAVE any green clothes. Maybe it won't matter? My greengrocer is selling live shamrock plants so I guess I'll buy one of those and carry it about, or pin a bit to my lapel. Well, it is all exciting and I actually wish I had someone visiting from back home right now so that I could be more unashamed about how worked up I'm getting!! With my Irish buddies, I have to be all like, "Oh yeah, might wander out, see if there's anything going on..." while in actual fact, I am pretty sure I will hardly be able to sleep with excitement!! Not to mention all the noise drifting up from the street :-)

And then of course there's the noble Irish tradition of being able to eat or drink in abundance whatever you gave up for lent. Apparently, most Irish people still give stuff up, even if they're not religious. Well, I didn't give up anything. But I think I'll eat and drink too much anyway, seeing as how it's the thing to do 'n all!!

Because there's a lot going on, I've had to prioritise and choose what I think I'll like best. But if anyone is reading this and making last-minute plans there are some great sports events in Croke Park. I've seen Gaelic Games before, and even as someone who's not that sporty (ice-skating aside) they are pretty damn exciting -- and they date all the way back to the Iron Age, which is quite something.

If you're in Dublin, watch out for an overexcited Newfoundlander in black with a large, green shamrock plant safety-pinned to her coat. That's me. And if you're going for a pint, I'll have whatever you are having.


Love your Blog! I started reading when I googled Dublin when I learned my freinds would be traveling there.
We also are Canadian! Woooo! From South Eastern Ontario.
My friends arrived Monday and are super excited for the St Pattys Festivities.
I hope you all have a great time, and I will for sure have a drink for you all here tomorrow night :)

Thanks for the reading, keeps me entertained during quiet times here at work.


Hi, thanks! Have TWO drinks for me!


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