thanks, YouTube

I promised that I would post some pictures of the St Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin but the parade is so dynamic, still pictures don't really do it justice -- the variety, the colour and all the excitement on the streets. Now they're saying that 650,000 people came!

Check out this video on YouTube. Whoever put it up has done a real nice job of editing, so you get a good idea of the different elements on show!

I thought, after all the excitement, I'd be too broke and too tired to want to much this weekend, but in fact, as most of the events on were free, I'm not that broke. And as for tired? Well, pshaw. I've got Sunday morning to sleep in. There still seem to be lots of visitors to Dublin and the atmosphere outside is pretty lively. I've been invited for a hike around Howth Head on Saturday, and my thinking is that all that healthy outdoors stuff gives me free license to kick up my heels a bit... what do you think?


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