from the ridiculous to the sublime

I've just come back to the apartment for a little break in the revelry and to pick up a jacket for this evening, and to tell anyone out there to book their tickets for next year! There's such an atmosphere of goodwill and friendliness on the streets right now, and the parade was magnificent. There were giant statues -- I don't know what the technical names is -- and people in costume, and pipe bands and it was all the most curious mixture of staid and sexy, absurd and gorgeous! My greengrocer gave me a tip; he said to make my way to Clanbrassil Street at the end. That's where the parade ends, and where the performers take off their costumes and pack them away. I saw everything up close, because there aren't many onlookers there. Fabulous. I've got some pictures on my camera that I'll put up here soon, but no time now coz I've got some friends waiting anxiously outside the door and we're going to have fun!


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