Malahide Castle

The Mom I work for on Saturdays asked me to meet her in the city centre, because it was a nice day on Saturday, and she had already made a plan for the kids for the weekend. She drove us all out to Malahide Castle, left us at the gate and said she'd be back in 6 hours. That sounded like an awfully long time to me, but it was such a lovely day the time went pretty fast. We went and played in the playground. In other words, I read a book and occasionally looked up and "Wow! You're really fast!" or "How'd you get so high anyway?" while they did their thing. Then we went and watched some people fly a kite. Then we ate the garlicky sandwiches the Mom had made for us. Then we went and spent the money she'd given me for the purpose and checked out the Museum of Childhood. In the end, the time went quite fast and it was a nice day, even though I was working, technically speaking! There were lots and lots of people there, and a few flashpoints that were pretty crowded, but the grounds are enormous and so it was easy to escape the crowd now and again. I like people watching. It's mid-season now; often warm and sunny and then suddenly chilly again. People were dealing with this by wearing slightly odd outfits like a summer dress under a heavy cardigan, or shorts with opaque tights, or in the case of a few of the gentlemen, socks with sandals (never a good look, boys).

I've started looking for work to begin this summer. I know, it's not a good time. There's a global financial crisis. But I'm not fussy. It's time I got my hands dirty and I'm prepared to do most things. I really need a year or two away from the books to get some perspective while I'm still young enough to justify my aimlessness -- and I do realise that the time left for being "young enough" is running out. Also, and I know that this probably sounds impossibly idealistic and ambitious, I'd love to try my hand at screenplay writing, and where better than Dublin?


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