Small things

I was in Bewley's Cafe on Grafton Street today, and checked out an exhibition they've got on right now. It's so cool, for a start, that the cafe has a theatre. I've been to some lunch time shows there, and it's a fantastic venue.

Right now, though, there's an art exhibition of miniatures called Small World. But it's only on until the end of the month, so hurry over!!! They're not just ordinary little scupltures, either, but very witty.

I'm going to get another fix of culture later on, too. There's a new show in the Chester Beatty. It's called Murqqa, of old Indian illustrations, and it looks just great. Then it'll back to the office or, in my case, back to a sweaty, steamy basement kitchen and work! I'm working really hard to save some money, and one of the perks of work, it turns out, is that we staff get to eat when it's all over in the evening. So long as you can hold out until midnight or so, there's a meal on the house for the employees. Sadly, we usually undo the savings involved by buying wine to go along with it but I'm planning to NOT do that this week and really try to put aside some money. Something's going wrong; I'm working really hard and still reach the end of the week without any dough left. Hence all the exhibitions I'm going to: they're free, unlike the cinema and definitely unlike the pub!!


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